Desert Blossom Stitch Dictionary - Library of 48 Unique Crochet Stitches

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Imagine: you're ready for a new crochet project. You want to make a scarf, or maybe a blanket. Normally you would go on Pinterest and try to find the perfect stitch for your project, but no more. Now you have over 48 unique crochet stitches at your finger-tips to use anytime, anyplace!


The Ultimate Desert Blossom Stitch Dictionary!

That scene above could literally be you in just a few moments. The Desert Blossom Stitch Dictionary is an amazing collection of nearly 50 stitches. From elegant lace to dreamy texture, you get it all!

Here's what included:

- Written patterns for 48 crochet stitches (see the names of them all below!)
- Stitch multiples so you can make it as large or small as you want
- Great for custom scarves, blankets, etc. where you want to try a new stitch
- All in one PDF with page numbers!

Stitches are broken up into "chapters" of stitches that go into similar categories. There are 12 different categories of stitches, with 4 stitches in each category!

Why the bundle? Each set of stitches have their own separate listing that you can choose to purchase for $3.50 each. However, if you buy this bundle, you will SAVE 60%!!

How to access your files:
Upon purchase, you will download ONE file. All the stitches are in one big PDF (WITH PAGE NUMBERS) so you can easily navigate between all the stitches.

Please note: most of these stitches not include picture tutorials; it is JUST stitch patterns.


You will automatically receive 48 stitches. Here is a master list of what you'll receive:

SET #1: Winter Bobble Stitches
1. The Blue Frost Stitch
2. Blueberry Stitch
3. Snowball Stitch
4. Flurry Stitch

SET #2: Valentines Stitches
5. Petal Stitch
6. Heart Stitch
7. Lattice Stitch
8. Rose Petal Stitch

SET #3: Spring Lace Stitches
9. Fir Stitch
10. Sprout Stitch
11. Sunburst Stitch
12. Foliage Stitch

SET #4: Easter Themed Stitches
13. Cathedral Stitch
14. Lilac Stitch
15. Interlocking Fan Stitch
16. Box Stitch

SET #5: Unique Textured Stitches
17. Classic Shell Stitch
18. Mayberry Stitch
19. Raised V-Stitch
20. Diagonal Post Stitch

SET #6: Unique Shells & Twisted Stitches
21. Twisted Stitch
22. Swirl Stitch
23. Peaches and Cream Stitch
24. Victorian Stitch

SET #7: Fourth of July Themed Stitches
25. Americana Stitch
26. Stacked Shell Stitch
27. Extended Single Crochet Stitch
28. Trellis Stitch

SET #8: Summer Lace Stitches
29. Crown Stitch
30. Mini Cable Stitch
31. Coral Stitch
32. Eiffel Tower Stitch

SET #9: Interesting Raised Stitches
33. Bridge Stitch
34. Bobble Eyelet Stitch
35. Flying V-Stitch
36. Windowpane Stitch

SET #10: Fall Themed Stitches
37. Pumpkin Patch Stitch
38. Triangle Post Stitch
39. Triple Ridge Stitch
40. Haunted Hill Stitch

SET #11: Unique Puff Stitches
41. Harvest Stitch
42. Pinecone Stitch
43. Alternating Puff Stitch
44. Wheat Stitch

SET #12: Christmas Themed Stitches
45. Christmas Lights Stitch
46. Tinsel Stitch
47. Angel Stitch
48. Snowflake Stitch

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Terms of use:
This Ebook is my original work. It is for private use only; please do not redistribute or resell it in any way.

Wondering how you will access your PDF download after purchasing? It's so simple!

Directly after checking out, you will be taken to a page to with a download button. You can download right away from here. If you exit the page, never fear! You will also receive an email that will give you the same download link.

We do not offer technical support as far as downloads go, because the process is so easy! 

Downloading is generally easiest to do on a computer. Please ensure you have a device that is able to download PDFs, because that is the format all of our patterns are in.

If you have trouble finding your file on your computer, make sure to check your downloads folder.

And if you absolutely have to download on your phone, here's a quick tip that I use so I don't lose the file:

1. Click on the download link so that the file opens up

2. Click the little arrow on the bottom left corner (this is what mine looks like with an iphone. Yours may be different if you have a different phone, but just look for a sharing button).

3. Hit the "email" icon and email the PDF to yourself as an attachment. This will ensure you don't lose it!

Of course, if you can download on a computer you will not have to go through this process because the file should save directly to your device.

Once you've downloaded the file, it's yours for your viewing pleasure, whether ad-free on your devices, or printed out!

Customer Reviews

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Donna Caputo
Stitch Library

Very well explained. Nice illustrations.

Stephanie Ernandes
I love them!!

Sooooo soft, soooooo looking forward to using these. The shipment was fast too. I am well on my way to making some homemade makeup remover and trying out my new reusable facial rounds. It makes more sense to me to use these both economically as well as producing less waste material. I love the soft material they are made with! They are well made, hand made and I love that they are supporting a woman with ingenuity and good craftsmanship. Doesn’t get much better than that!



Angela Moretz Costello

I love the stitches in this book.