Returns & FAQs

Have questions about returns, shipping, etc.? These FAQs should help! Information is split into two categories - info for digital products, and info for physical products.


How to I access my purchase?

After completing your order, there will be a download link generated. A link will also be sent to your email so you can come back to it later. Read more about downloads here.

Return Policy for Digital Items
All sales are FINAL for digital products due to the nature of the product. That means there are no returns offered for PDF crochet patterns or Ebooks.


Does Desert Blossom Crafts print the products?

No. The Merchandise in our store is designed by Desert Blossom Crafts, but it is printed by Printify, our print provider. This concept is called drop shipping. After receiving your order, we will send all the details to Printify. They will then be able to print and ship your order to you.

Return Policy

Products can be returned or replaced under the following conditions: if they are damaged, lost, or missing. If your item comes damaged, please email rachel@desertblossomcrafts with your order number and photos of the issue. We will contact Printify to do a reprint.

Returns can NOT be issued if the mistake is on your part - for example, if you order the wrong product. Please ensure you order the correct items and enter your correct customer details (address, etc.) when you checkout. Printify and Desert Blossom Crafts will not be responsible for these mistakes.

How long until I receive my order?

The processing time and shipping time will be different for each order. After you place your order, it will go into production at Printify. When that is done, it will be shipped to you.

In my experience, orders take around a week to arrive in the U.S. (however, this may vary depending on your state!)

Shipping Costs

All items ship free to U.S. customers - yay! For international customers, we have a $10 flat rate shipping fee for most items.

Shipping Disclaimer

Desert Blossom Crafts is not responsible for damaged or stolen packages. Once the item arrives on your doorstep and is marked "delivered" it is your responsibility from there. Please contact your local post office for help in these unique situations.

Have more questions?

Simply email, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!